The Logo
The Saskatoon logo is a spirited, stylized graphic composed of coloured dots. The logo is bright, vivid, bursting and positive. The logo consists of a spectrum of colours that represent Saskatoon’s many cultures, enterprises and seasons. Each ray in the vibrant spectrum contains the same pattern of coloured beads representing rings of light, and it was inspired by aboriginal community beadwork. The graphic was placed once and then placed on itself again out of alignment so that it overlaps. This repetition strengthens its intensity. It represents the overlapping of cultures and traditions we have in Saskatoon, and it gives the logo movement. The logo shows that Saskatoon is a growing, changing, exciting city.
The Slogan
“Shines” has a number of definitions which directly describe our city.
1. To glow with pleasure, happiness or rapture
2. To distinguish oneself in an activity or a field; excel
3. Excellence in quality or appearance; splendor
4. To like spontaneously: Take a shine to

It describes the synchrotron and our growing scientific community.
1. Brightness from a source of light; radiance
2. To reflect light; glint or glisten

The word also speaks to the amount of sunlight we receive as a city, and the clean friendly atmosphere that appeals to tourists.
“Shines” reflects our quality of life, attitude, scenery, culture, facilities, leadership and people. It’s a single word that captures everything Saskatoon has to offer. The business community, the science community, tourism, education, youth, they all shine in Saskatoon.