Strategic Marketing Plan

In early 2001, a group of private and public sector companies and organizations known as Team Saskatoon set a goal to increase the coordination of marketing efforts for Saskatoon and region. To maximize these efforts' effects, Marketing Saskatoon identified the need to create an overall long-term strategic marketing plan and brand for the city.

The objective of the strategic plan is to position Saskatoon through branding in diverse markets of interest, to identify and establish partnerships between and among organizations wishing to penetrate compatible markets, and to develop widespread community awareness and support the initiative and its accompanying strategy.

The pdf on this page is the Strategic Marketing Plan, organized into four main sections. The introduction provides a background to the project. Section 2.0 presents the research process and subsequent development of the brand. Section 3.0 of the report identifies the resulting opportunities and strategic initiatives. Section 4.0 presents the implementation framework which includes the tactical steps and an implementation schedule required for the plan.

DOWNLOAD PDF of Saskatoon Shines Strategic Plan.